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The Center for Wellness LLC

Meet Erika​

My name is Erika Regalado, I am a first generation Latin American with a Cuban and Ecuadorian background. I am fluent in both English and Spanish. I completed my undergraduate degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University where I studied Forensic Psychology with a minor in criminal justice. I then continued my education at Capella University where I completed my MS degree specializing in Marriage and Family therapy.

During my high school years I worked for a City Hall’s senior citizen department where I helped seniors with translating and filling out various documents. This opportunity gave me a first-hand perspective into the way different walks of life impact an individual and it made me want to know more about how I could increase my impact in their lives. After college, I worked in community based programs that catered to children ages 2 years old into adolescence providing structure and behavioral interventions. Working with children meant getting to know the whole family system. My curiosity in family dynamics further sparked my interest in therapy. Becoming a therapist has been in so many ways fruitful to my life. I have worked with individuals with ASD, depression, anxiety, and various mental health disabilities, and illnesses across the lifespan. My training has prepared me to use different approaches and sometimes blend approaches to fit the needs of my clients. Narrative therapy, CBT, and Structural therapy have become a staple in my work with families and individuals.

Life can be full of ups and downs, and sometimes you feel that no one understands or sympathizes with your plight. Therapy is a no judgment zone, if it matters to you, it absolutely matters to me. I want to help you explore the difficulties in life and learn how to conquer those hardships in a healthy way. Finding the meaning and purpose in work, relationships, and spirituality can seem overwhelming. I am here to tell you that the process of therapy is not one to fear but to embrace the experience of seeing yourself in a way that maybe you never did before. When working with couples, family and individuals I provide comfort, encouragement and a sense of self.

When I am not wearing my professional hat I really do enjoy spending time with my family, catching a good game of basketball “ NY Knicks fan all the way”, and learning new and diverse cuisines to add to our dinner menus.