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The Center for Wellness LLC

Receive High-Quality Care 

in the Comfort of your Home

The New Approach to Counseling

With the rise of technology, professionals in the mental health field have established a new approach to counseling: teletherapy. With the aid of a computer or telecommunication device, you can now receive the highest quality of mental health care in the comfort of your own home.We offer online therapy to New Jersey residents who are in need of the different counseling tools to assist them with functioning so that they can get back to normalcy and achieve a greater quality of life. We use HIPAA secure technology. We comply with laws, policies and professional Telehealth standards.

With The Center for Wellness, rest assured that you will be given personalized care with your overall wellness in mind. 

If you have any mental health concerns, get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through your journey to holistic healing. 

What to Expect